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IAMCR 2021 Online Conference is now over. The full papers presented in this online conference paper panel are no longer accessible. You can see the original abstracts of the papers submitted for presentation in the abstract books.

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Community Communication and Alternative Media

Comic Art

Communication in Post- and Neo-Authoritarian Societies

Communication Policy & Technology

Crisis, Security and Conflict Communication

Digital Divide

Diaspora and Media

Emerging Scholars Network

Environment, Science & Risk Communication

Ethics of Society & Ethics of Communication

Gender and Communication

Global Media Policy

Health Communication


International Communication

Islam and Media

Journalism Research and Education


Music, Audio, Radio and Sound

Media, Communication and Sport

Media Education Research

Media Production Analysis

Mediated Communication, Public Opinion & Society

Media Sector Development

Participatory Communication Research

Political Economy

Political Communication Research

Popular Culture

Public Service Media Policies

Religion and Communication

Rural Communication

Visual Culture