Flow34 - Urban and Domestic Spaces

Flow34 - Urban and Domestic Spaces

The five audio and visual presentations in the Urban and Domestic Spaces panel document domestic work performed by women, explore the expression of the body and the ways of representing it, study the representation of a city as a medium for the memories and experiences of its inhabitants and question how smaller communities foster creativity, collaboration, and conviviality, in what ways a lower cost of living and rural landscape impact the cultural producer, and how the media shapes not only symbolic life, but also a physical life and how it provides not only metaphoric cement, but also real cement, which constructed the cities.

Swamp Magic: Creativity, Conviviality, and Community in Sackville, New Brunswick

Max Cotter (X University)

This is an audio only contribution to Flow34

Media landscape and urban architecture - shaping each other

Olga S. Kruglikova (Saint Petersburg State University)
Alexander N. Marchenko (Saint Petersburg State University)

The Daily Domestic - A film on Woman Work

Amritha Mohan (University of Hyderabad)

City as a Medium, City as a Museum

Ayşe Gülsüm Özel
Dilara Tekrin

Cuerpo y Pandemia: domesticación, (in)movilidad y visualidad durante la emergencia sanitaria por Covid-19

Ana Sedeño-Valdellos (Malaga University)