Flow34 - Re-inclusions

Flow34 - Re-inclusions

Four visual works that focus on stigmatisation, social isolation, racism, coloniality, and limitations in the contexts of Belgium, Pakistan, Colombia, and Portugal. The presentations let people with disabilities speak, identify and express their interactions, their social spatialisations, and the limitations and barriers that constitute their life experience; translate expressions of artists of colour into a visual poetic trip that may serve as a source for artists of colour to recognise and combat the various elements of marginalisation; provide investigative insights into the multiple dimensions associated with the Pakistani street performers using the monkey as their props; and reflect on the history and present effects of the power dynamics, resistance and the enduring fathoms that haunt us still today.

Use of Alternative Cultural Communications for Sustaining Human Lives with Low Socio-Economic Status

Shahla Adnan (Fatima Jinnah Women University)
Yasira Naeem Pasha (Dawood University of Engineering and Technology)
Saad Pasha (Economics University College London)
Raseen Akhtar (LUMS)
Salaar Pasha (The CAS school)

O Festim (The Feast)

Soraya Vasconcelos (Instituto de Comunicação da Nova (ICNOVA), FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

El Codito: lives, struggles and stories

Juan Guevara and Hugo Ramirez (University of Alberta and Unicervantes)

KREYOLIZATION II - Escaping the White Cube

Serine Mekoun (Non-affiliated researcher)
Black Speaks Back (Video collective)
Emma-Lee Amponsah (Production and direction - Black Speaks Back / Ghent University)